At PureNanoTech Inc. (PNT), we are on an exciting journey towards revolutionizing sustainable agriculture, and we are thrilled to share the promising early results from PNT’s  latest demonstration project. In partnership with BRISEA Group Inc., and with the support of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA), the initial results from PNT’s demonstration project with Edible Garden are exceeding expectations.

A Glimpse of Innovation at Edible Garden

At the Edible Garden (NASDAQ: EDBL), PNT’s nanobubble (NB)system has begun to show its incredible potential, as depicted in Figure 1.


Within just 3 weeks of introducing PNT’s nanobubble-enriched water to staple crops like basil and parsley, a remarkable transformation was observed. The growth rates and overall health of these plants have exceeded designed expectations, showcasing the true power of PNT technology.

Figure 2: Witnessing the Transformation

Side by side, the difference is clear: plants nurtured with PNT’s nanobubble technology stand taller, greener, and healthier than their counterparts, a fact underscored by the table below which illustrates the dramatic improvements:

Table 1 – Harvesting Success: Nanobubble Technology vs. Standard Irrigation

Table 1 underscores the remarkable growth enhancements achieved through our nanobubble technology compared to traditional irrigation methods. The significant increases in stem diameter, height, and dry weight of both Parsley and Basil illustrate the powerful impact of our innovation on crop yield and health.

These early results are just the tip of the iceberg. Our nanobubble technology not only promotes growth but does so in harmony with nature, enhancing oxygen levels, nutrient uptake, and beneficial microbial activity in the soil. We’re not just growing plants; we’re nurturing ecosystems.

Bubble it up...

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