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Welcome to the World of Nanobubbles

Discover the power of nanobubble technology – your sustainable solution for enhancing industrial and commercial processes. Embark on a journey through the innovative world of ultrafine bubbles and their applications. 

Sustainable Nanobubble Solutions: Stability & Eco-friendly Impact

Experience the combined benefits of enduring performance and dispersibility offered by nanobubbles, along with the eco-friendly enhancements they bring to various industrial processes. Embrace the future of sustainable solutions with nanobubble technology. 

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Enduring Performance and Dispersibility:

Nanobubbles demonstrate remarkable stability due to a balanced equilibrium between surface tension, internal/external pressure, and surface charge. They remain suspended and highly dispersed in the solution, effectively interacting with pollutants via surface contact. 

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Eco-friendly Process Enhancement:

The redox potential of nanobubbles significantly impacts a broad range of reaction processes. This characteristic substantially reduces or replaces the need for chemicals in traditional methods, leading to enhanced production processes across various industries while promoting eco-friendliness. 

PNT advantages over traditional methods

  • Fails when air pressure is low
  • Generating micro-nano mixed bubble
  • Cannot control the bubble size
  • Ineffective if water-insoluble gas is applied
  • Lower purity of nanobubble mixed with oversized bubbles
  • Bubbles are unstable and instantly collapse
  • Usually for surface cleaning
  • Risks of equipment wear and materials damages
PNT generator 2
  • Can produce smaller nanobubbles 
  • The bubble’s size is controllable 
  • excellent mass transfer effect
  • Does not require high pressure
  • Bubble stable for days
  • Cost-effective

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