Why It Must Be Nanobubble

Most of the fine-bubble generators available in the market are for micro-bubbles generation. However, the difference between micro-bubbles and nano-bubbles in the actual application process is far beyond the distinction in their size magnitude.

In comparison with microbubbles, nanobubbles demonstrate the following advantage:

  • Persistency in solution for a longer period
  • Greater mass transfer efficiency
  • Enhanced adsorption and reactivity on gas-liquid surfaces
  • Bubble rupture induces shock waves and formation of hydroxyl radicals, one of the strongest oxidants that is used to remove recalcitrant pollutants and bacteria, viruses, etc. in water.

Advanced Membrane Technology

Unique Membrane with Patented Coating
High technical barriers with excellent performance
High Mass Transfer
The mass transfer efficiency: OTEs of >90 % or higher
100% Nanobubble Fraction
No waste for high value gas(Ozone, Oxygen, etc.) Proven technology, tested and validated by national laboratory
Controllable Bubble Size
Bubble size is adjustable in order to enhance the persistence and reactivity in different media(water, oil)
Lower Initial Cost and Operational Cost
Lower initial cost and operational cost (No require powerful pump)
Stable Operation
Stable operation is ensured, contributing to the system’s efficiency and reliability.

Advantages of Our Method

  • Fails when air pressure is low
  • Generating micro-nano mixed bubble
  • Cannot control the bubble size
  • Ineffective if water-insoluble gas is applied
  • Lower purity of nanobubble mixed with oversized bubbles
  • Bubbles are unstable and instantly collapse
  • Usually for surface cleaning
  • Risks of equipment wear and materials damages
heavy duty PNT box
  • Unique patented coating membrane
  • The size of bubble is controllable​
  • Great mass transfer effect​
  • Does not require high pressure​
  • Bubble stable for weeks​
  • Lower initial cost and operational cost

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