Agriculture and horticulture

Promote root health, enhance nutrient absorption, and inhibit pathogens with nanobubble technology, leading to healthier and more productive crops.

Water treatment
Boost the performance of aeration or flotation systems in a cost-effective manner, ensuring cleaner and safer water resources.
Oil and Natural Gas
Decrease the costs associated with produced water recovery and treatment, promoting more efficient and eco-friendly operations.
Household Cleaning
Utilize nanobubble-enriched water for cleaning fruits and vegetables, offering high removal efficiency without chemicals, and eliminating all residue.
Explore the promising advantages of nanobubbles in drug delivery processes, opening new doors in medical research and treatment.
Improve dissolved oxygen levels, feed conversion ratios, and overall fish biomass, fostering healthier and more sustainable aquatic environments.
Lake and Pond
Upgrade water quality, clarity, and overall ecosystem health by addressing issues such as algae blooms, odors, fish kills, and sediment silting.
Enhance leaching rates and recovery efficiency, as well as facilitate flotation recovery, maximizing output while minimizing environmental impact.
Dental Cleaning
Replace ionized water with nanobubble technology to ensure improved dental cleaning results, minimizing odors and residue for optimal oral hygiene.
Lab Application
Generate nanobubbles of various sizes and compositions tailored to specific research requirements, fostering innovation and discovery across disciplines.

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