PureNanoTech Inc.( (PNT) announces to cooperate with BRISEA Group Inc., which has recently been awarded the Clean Tech Demonstration Grant from New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA). This project focuses on leveraging innovative nanobubble technology for sustainable agricultural irrigation.

PNT will supply crucial technology and equipment to support the project. This initiative applies nanobubble technology to enhance irrigation efficiency that will  significant improve  water and nutrient utilization, and increase in overall crop yield.



The project will demonstrate the effectiveness of nanobubble technology in various agricultural settings. PNT’s expertise and specialized equipment are key to demonstrating the technology’s potential and achieving success in this innovative project.

This partnership positions PNT as a crucial contributor to the advancement of sustainable agriculture technologies, using innovative approaches to tackle the challenges of modern farming. PNT is thrilled to partner with BRISEA on this project.

For further inquiries about this project, please contact us at info@purenanotec.com.

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