Nanobubble can greatly enhance the power of ozone for ultrasonic cleaning, efficiently removing bacterial biofilms from surfaces.

In 2020, our team was awarded by the US Department of Environmental Protection for a demonstration project of nanobubble-based food cleaning. This innovative technology uses ozone-filled nanobubbles for ultrasonic cleaning and removal of bacterial biofilms, viral cysts, and parasites from surfaces without chemicals. Test results showed a pesticide residue removal efficiency exceeding 90.7% on fruits and vegetables, compared to 44.7% with water washing alone.

food cleaning

For dental applications, nanobubbles can be integrated with oral irrigators to deliver enriched water deep into gum spaces, effectively cleaning between teeth. The nanobubble rupture strips away stubborn stains and calculus while producing hydroxyl free radicals that sterilize the area, reducing oral biomass, alleviating gum bleeding, and improving overall dental health. 

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