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In recent years, the necessity for sustainable farming practices has taken precedence due to dwindling water resources and increasing demand for food. Smart irrigation is at the forefront of these practices, aiming to ensure efficient water and fertilizer usage in agriculture. One innovative solution that has shown significant promise in this domain is the use of nanobubbles.

In 2019, our team received funding from the USDA Demo Project (USDA) to delve deep into the possibilities of nanobubbles in agriculture. As a result, Nanobubbles demonstrated a transformative role in smart irrigation, especially in regions grappling with water scarcity.

In detail, the integrated water and fertilizer approach based on nanobubbles is currently the most effective irrigation method in arid and water-scarce areas. It applies the water and fertilizer required by crops to their root, achieving excellent results in saving water and fertilizer and increasing production. At the same time, nanobubble-enriched irrigation water can improve crop roots’ health, allow crops to absorb nutrients more efficiently, and prevent and inhibit pathogens, which improve the crops’ overall health and promote growth, and reduce maintenance requirements by preventing emitter clogging.

This research confirmed the significant impact of nanobubbles on smart irrigation, leading to the development of the most effective irrigation method in arid and water-scarce areas. This integrated water and fertilizer approach, based on nanobubbles, optimizes water and fertilizer usage while promoting crop root health, nutrient absorption, and pathogen prevention. 

A prototype for increasing agricultural production is currently under development.

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