This project was awarded by New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) to implement a mobile floating platform to mechanically remove HABs by air flotation using air micro-nano bubble generators. The project aimed to deploy a customized multifunctional floating platform in Branch Brook Lake and Deal Lake, two of the HABs-affected lakes in New Jersey in 2019. A boat platform was deployed to host the algae cleaning system during restoration work, assisted by New Jersey Institute of Technology and Meadowlands environmental research institute.

In this project, we alleviated the algae bloom with our patented Nanobubble technology. Once injected, nanobubble facilitated the flotation of algae, which was later recovered mechanically. No chemical reagents were applied in the whole process, eliminating the possibility of secondary pollution.

As a result, our Nanobubble technology dramatically improved water quality, clarity, and overall ecosystem wellness. The restoration work successfully removed a substantial amount of odorous algae, dead fish carcasses, and sediment silt in the project lakes.


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